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Walters Center for Advanced Research in Siddha  

About Us

                                      Walters’ Center for Advanced Research in Siddha is an unit of WSRPL, a registered Private Limited company offering services in the AYUSH & Med - Tech innovations.  WalCAReS is a DIPP (Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion), Govt. of India recognized 'Start Up'.   Our AYUSH sector services include our Specialty Clinics, Medical Stores, Book & Journal Publications, Training programmes etc. Our Innovation sector involves newer Med-Tech innovations (Drug & Device development).  Our Research Unit is also providing Clinical care through its Clinics at Rural areas, creating awareness regarding AYUSH by online classes & publications, conducting many medical camps and herbal exhibits. It also provides both theoretical and technical expertise for herbal pharmaceuticals and individuals interested in more natural ways of living. 

More Info

Published Patents

  1.  HERBFLUENZA -  Application No:  201941053156 A

  2.  WICS -  Application No.202041016847 A

  3.  TRI-LUCAS  – Application No.  202041023550 A

  4.  GICS – Application No:  202041024845 A

  5.  GASTROM – CAS -Application No: 202041025649 A

  6.  LUGA-MS -Application No: 202041028488 A

  7.  SURAM-TDS - Application No:  202041030672 A.

  8.  DIA-WOUP - Application No: 202041042859 A.

Siddha Papers

Peer-reviewed, Indexed Online Journal

ISSN: 0974-2522


Our Startup

Walters Siddha Research Center – DPIIT, Govt. of India recognized Startup

Screenshot 2021-07-21 122812.jpg

Recognition Number: DIPP-15029

Date of Issue: 25-01-2018 

Place of Issue: New Delhi.

Recent Works



Non-Invasive Poly Herbal Topical Adhesive Plaster for the effective treatment of diabetic wound, its preparation and uses thereof

Application No :

202041042859 A



Non-invasive, novel poly Herbal synergistic formulation for the prevention and management of Lung Cancer, its Preparation and Characterization thereof.

Application No :

202041028488 A



Non Invasive, Novel Poly Herbal formulation for the prevention and management of Gastric Cancer, its preparation and uses thereof

Application No :

202041025649 A

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